The Eternity Tree

The fall of the intelligent races, the birth of the Eternity Tree, and the establishment of the Order of Druids

After the Creator had shaped the earth and breathed consciousness into its inhabitants, he gave them free reign to make use of all his creation. The races of elves and men and dwarves, among others, did much good with the Creator’s gifts and lived in harmony with him, but it wasn’t long before the people of the world, poisoned by the lies of the evil spirits, discovered the vices of greed, envy, wrath, and many others.

Upon seeing the first sins of mankind, the Creator wept bitter tears before withdrawing himself from the presence of his unfaithful creation. From the grove upon which his tears fell sprouted the Eternity Tree, the last physical sign of the Creator’s presence in the world.

He withdrew from his people with a promise: as long as his tree remained standing, he would guide his people, even though he remain invisible to them, and one day he would return to banish evil once and for all. Should the Eternity Tree ever be destroyed, though, it would be a sign that wickedness had so consumed the land that he would withdraw his blessings eternally.

Thus was formed the Order of Druids, a fellowship among the races of good whose sole mission is to protect the Eternity Tree. The first step towards this was to hide the tree’s location, which, over the centuries they have achieved. With that goal achieved, the Druids now work to spread goodwill among the people by teaching them to respect and adore the works of nature simply because they are the fruit of the Creator’s hands.

Five hundred years after the sprouting of the Eternity Tree, an evil spirit struck a great blow to the Druids mission. Disguised as messenger from the Creator, this demon convinced the chief Druid to reveal the location of the tree. Once he had access to the tree, the demon cut a great portion from its trunk and escaped. Ever since, the tree has bore a great infection which oozes forth a vile poison. It is said that since this wound was inflicted, the evils of mankind have doubled in the world and that they will continue to grow until the tree is healed.

The Eternity Tree

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