The Elder Dragon

The Story of the Elder Dragon

After the Creator had made the earth and the sea, the sky and the heavens, the beasts and the birds, the fish and the insects—after the land was populated with life—the Creator breathed forth his wisdom upon the living things.

The first beast upon which this blessing fell was one of the crawling lizards, and new life took root within it. It grew in might, mind, and power, and became known as the Elder Dragon, for it was the first of its kind. For many ages the Elder Dragon, blessed with the wisdom and knowledge of its maker, led his kin to shape the earth and its inhabitants to be pleasing to the Creator, magnifying the good and purifying the wicked.

The Elder Dragon’s lone fault was his endless generosity, and this would be his undoing. One day, a cunning evil spirit took the form of a poor beggar and wept at the feet of the dragon. He plead to be allowed to pluck just one golden scale from the creature’s hide that he might have wealth to feed his family for the rest of his life. The Elder Dragon, whose generosity blinded his prudence, consented, and he let down his guard that the beggar might approach.

The demon leaped upon his unready foe and took not one, but a great multitude of scales before fleeing back into the realms of darkness. The Elder Dragon now bore a great bald spot over his heart, and seeing his generosity to be his downfall, swore against charity until his scales be returned.

From that day hence, all dragons have been called wyrms, and each one bears an empty patch on its hide, and all of them lust after nothing but riches.

The Elder Dragon

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