Absent Players

When a player misses a game, certain considerations must be made for what becomes of their character. Because we have a large group, it would be overly burdensome for the absent player’s character to be managed by someone else and take a full role in the story. As such, there are two ways that an absent player’s character will be handled, depending upon the situation:

  • If the player is absent when his character is already part of the story (e.g., the last session ended in the middle of a dungeon), then the character will fade into the background of the story, entering only when obviously relevant or called upon by another player. Mechanically speaking, the character will be treated as a “hireling” described in chapter 2, with appropriate skills assigned by the GM.
  • If the player is absent when his character is not necessarily tied up in the story (e.g., the last session ended when the party was resting in town), then the character will be assumed to be pursuing other goals without the party. In this case, the absent player should decide what activities his character was engaged in and what became of them.

Absent players and XP

Absent players shall receive XP equal to whomever earned the least XP at the table. Absent players are encouraged to make a contribution to the adventure log to describe what their characters were doing during the missed session, although their earning of XP is not contingent upon this contribution.

Absent Players

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