Sample Character

A bare bones kinda guy


Here is a sample character sheet that you can use as a template for your own. Just click the edit button (to the left of the character name) and replace the information below with the stuff that is relevant to your character. Don’t worry about making all of the | symbols line up. Those are just there to help format the tables; they don’t need to be perfect. Be sure to delete this red text once you’re done updating your character.

Alignment Race Class Level XP
Good Human Wizard 2 5
8 12 13 16 16 9
-1 +0 +1 +2 +2 +0
Debilities (-1 to rolls with the stat indicated) Other conditions/status effects
[ ] Weak (STR) [ ] Stunned (INT) Poisoned by a wyvern
[x] Shaky (DEX) [ ] Confused (WIS)
[ ] Sick (CON) [x] Scarred (CHA)
Damage Armor Hit Points
d4 0 Current 15
Max 17
Starting Moves Advanced Moves
Spell book Prodigy(Fireball)
Prepare Spells
Cast a Spell
Spell Defense
Spells Prepared
Light Magic Missile Fireball
Unseen Servant
Spells Known
Cantrips 1st Level 3rd Level
Light Detect Magic Fireball
Unseen Servant Charm Person
Prestidigitation Magic Missile
5th Level 7th Level 9th Level

Spell book (weight 1)
5 rations (weight 1)
Bag of books (4 uses, weight 2)
2 healing potions
2 antitoxin
Staff (Close, 2 handed, weight 1)

Current 5
Max 6

Haunted eyes, wild hair, thin body.

Slink is keeping an important secret from me.
Noetall is woefully misinformed about the world; I will teach them all that I can.

Once upon a time, a guy named Sample was born. Some traumatic stuff happened to him, which exposed him at an early age to the world of magic. He lost his father and mother to a band of roving humanoids, and so he has set out to seek fame, fortune, and power in hopes that he may one day avenge them.

Sample Character

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